Blogs about Self – Leadership and Co-creation by Hans Begeer

I would like to share insights from Frédéric Laloux’s book ‘Reinventing Organizations’. This is the first study I read that goes beyond co-creation. After Marvin Weisbord’s ‘Productive Workplaces’, another must read, I was sure that the actual way of organizing is insufficient, one-sided, short term oriented and making people sick. I wanted to explore more sustainable ways to organize and found a possible answer in co-creating with the whole system – many different stakeholders – to solve complex problems. Although many people use co-creation they all seem to mean various things and it was not very clear how to do this. Therefore we wrote a book about Co-creation and how to apply it by using 6 principles. (see nr 13). Thanks to Frédéric Laloux we now have on top of our book a real workbook to reinvent organizations! He studied 12 so-called Evolutionary Teal Organizations in depth, in different countries, profit and non-profit, big and small, family owned and quoted. These cases share very important ways of working, of processes and structures of purpose and values – they all reinvented their organization.

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