About BMC Consultancy

Our approach

We work in partnership with you, to explore and define the business issues together. We provide support at organizational, group and individual levels.

We strongly believe in the potential that exists within your organization and we look for ways to bring it out. See our brochure for more information.

Initial Contact

Your inquiry will be responded to in an initial meeting or telehpone call. A face-to-face meeting would better allow Hans to explore with you your business issues and their contexts. Concurrently, this meeting would allow you to get a taste of Hans’ consultation style. A basic fit is key.


If needed additional meetings will be organized, but we will always put down in a contract our understanding of your business needs. Also suggesting an approach enabling you to solve the business issues. Sometimes we suggest to do preliminary interviews in order to better understand the situation. We often do this together with a project group consisting of relevant stakeholders. This allows us to better focus the resources together.

Planned Approach

Together with you, Hans will draft a plan towards the solving of the defined issues . In this plan, you will work out whom to involve in the process – both members of your organization and potentially people from outside. The objectives will be agreed upon, as well as will the plan define how these objectives can be measured. Upon final agreement between the two parties we can start execution towards the tackling of your business issues.

Our beliefs

Together with our partners in change – the individual leaders and organizations we trust, we develop tailor-made solutions, based on the following beliefs:

Open Climate

We believe transparency and openness are key values which will stimulate sharing, finding out and trying out new solutions and behavior.


We believe people can do more than they are using or showing today. We stimulate and support partners in change to develop themselves and experiment with new behavior.

Eye to Eye

We believe as we are all in the same boat, everybody should take responsibility for the projects we are doing. We make explicit what we want to attain, both individually and for the organization.

Value Adding

We believe what we perform must make a difference and should be worthwhile for the individuals and the organizations we work with. We want to be able to review progress any time needed.

Conditions for Working Together

A central feature of our approach, is that BMC explores together with clients what is really needed to solve their issues and which of these needs can realistically be answered to. This means that we need to understand the system in which our clients operate and that we need to share and discuss our findings with relevant members of our client’s organization. We prefer not to propose solutions derived externally. We rather propose solutions that are derived from within the organization, informed as appropriate by our experience as management and organization experts. We accomplish this by creating an environment in which people feel comfortable to explore and even to try out new ideas and solutions. We need to feel and grasp together what lies under the surface: the psychodynamics of systems. Transparency and openness are essential. We always work in collaboration with our clients, forming joint teams of at least two consultants from BMC and three to four people from the client-side. In collaboration with the relevant partners we establish the best way forward.

Who we are

Build on strengthened, stakeholder commitment

BMC Consulting and partners engages leaders, from CEO to supervisors, to act in the face of change. Since its establishment in 1992 BMC has brought its unique brand of knowledge and expertise to hundreds of businesses and organizations. Our specialties include defining, initiating and guiding change, integrating  diverse stakeholders and specialties to get the job done and assessing troubled projects and organizations and determining the critical path to turn them around and bring out the forces from within.

Hans Begeer

Hans Begeer is president and owner of BMC Consulting. Hans has a reputation for facilitating change projects with common sense, and perspective. He excels at helping groups acknowledge the strengths that each individual brings to their organization and forming a healthy start towards future change. Hans’ background as an organizational psychologists, has served him well in leading corporate initiatives that meet and exceed their objectives. Seven years at PwC as a managing consultant honed his project management skills leading European projects. His thirty years of international experience as a business owner and organizational consultant have proven his ability to hold to budgets and build teams that perform well.


Hans’  associates are successful business people selected for skills that complement his, and based on their values, which he shares. Hans works together with his clients to explore and understand the business issues and to determine the skills needed for success. He challenges his clients to form a change team and subcontracts with associate consultants if needed to provide a full service solution. Clients get the benefits of a broad range of expertise without the overhead typically associated with a large consulting firm.
Hans’  associates are successful business people selected for skills that complement his, and based on their values, which he shares.
Ans van Belzen is a solid value for BMC-consultancy. She co-ordinates every project with the care needed.
Hans is member of the Future Search Network