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We talk a lot about self-management and self-organization. But how can we start applying it? What are traps, what the invisible strengths? And what implies self-organization for you as a leader. This book and the workshops teach you on each of the 3 important levels for self-organization: individual, team and organization wide to start applying it. Highly representative cases from practice illustrate how other companies evolved applying self-organization step by step. This results in a unique guide to help you making the challenging step towards self-organization.

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Organizational Level

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Organizational Change & Development
  • Whole System Interventions
  • Leadership Development
  • Learning Organization
  • Use of co-creation for complex issues

Group Level

  • Team Effectiveness Assessment
  • Team Development
  • Global and Virtual Team Enablement
  • Mediating
  • Tailor-made Training and Development

Individual Level

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Talent Assessment
  • Assessment and Development Centers
  • Succession Planning
  • Boardroom Consulting

Workshops Do-it-yourself leaders

There are 3 different workshops focusing each on one of the 3 levels of self-organization

  • Self-leadership – individual level
  • Self-managing-teams – team level
  • Self-organization – organization level

We  organize open and in-company workshops. We work with small groups from 6-10 participants.

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Co-creation: central proces towards self-organization

How can we start with self-organization?

  • We discuss step 1 of the learning model for self-organization mobilization: We describe the broader perspective on self-organization. We discuss what is needed to start
  • We find out more about strategy and vision development for self-organization
  • We discuss how to take step 2, towards collective ambition from the learning model for self-organization
  • We discover the principles of co-creation applying these for our own situation: We invite the whole system, all stakeholders in the room, we find out ‘the whole elephant’. We stimulate people to take responsibility and change roles. We apply real dialogue to enforce better understanding trust and renewal
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Why BMC Consultancy?

Open Climate    Facilitating    Eye to Eye    Value Adding

We work in partnership with you, to explore and define the business issues together. We provide support at organizational, group and individual levels. We strongly believe in the potential that exists within your organization and we look for ways to bring it out.


I had the pleasure to work with Hans for more than 1 year in a program about training and accompaniment for co-creation and self-organization implicating hundreds of employees in our institute. I was especially impressed by Hans’ capacity to create optimal conditions to mobilize the people and to get out the best talents from each of them. Hans is attentive, a skilled listener, but also confronting when needed, which makes him the ideal facilitator. (Mourad Metioui, Director Support BPS-BPV Brussels)

I participated in Hans’ well-designed training sessions about co-creation and self-organization. Hans knows how to make people take responsibility for their own learning and help putting theory into practice in a professional way. His feedback to participants is honest, always constructive and unusually profound. This is the type of training which you can really apply. (Karen Naessens, Co-ordinator Mobilisation Volunteers, Greenpeace, Belgium)

Hans is an experienced guide on the journey for more self-organisation. His interventions helped our organisation to make a step towards a more participative culture. He knew how to stimulate enthusiasm with many employees to take up responsibility and ownership. He offered very effective  tools and methods which really added value. He has helped to implement a number of fundamental concepts for co-creation which are now integrated in our organisation. (Dirk Vandendriessche, Director Training and Organisation, Actiris, Belgium)

I attended the Future Search sessions organized by SIGNIS in Rome. Working with a significantly diverse group (because of age, nationalities, and backgrounds), Hans facilitated an excellent process of institutional reflection and collective co-creation which helped the international network to envision and plan its future. Hans was careful and creative in designing the process, very attentive to the group dynamics and thoughtful in offering his feedback to people’s contributions. It was definitely an enriching experience and I have no hesitation in recommending Hans’s services. (José Henríquez, Former Secretary General of Pax Christi International)

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